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Rowena & Michael - 06/11/21

A surprise wedding you say?! I’m in!!

Rowena and Michael had been thinking of getting married for a while. A couple of kids and a proposal later, they were ready to seal the deal and get it on paper. They had a couple of options but settled on a surprise wedding - It was so much fun being in on the secret!

I have known Rowena since primary school, our older brothers were great friends which meant we also got to spend lots of time together. Our families both moved to new areas but we always enjoyed catching up. I was thrilled to bits when she asked me to marry her and her love, Michael.

Rowena and Michael surprised their nearest and dearest at their daughter’s first birthday party. The scene was set. Their back yard and garage filled with balloons, streamers and many tasty treats for their guests to enjoy. Anyone would have been fooled!

The guest of honour finally arose from her nap to her house full of guests ready for her party. As you can guess, her party was soon hijacked by her parents! The announcement was made that there would in fact be a wedding at last. Everyone was so excited!

The setting was quickly arranged, and the path to an awaiting Michael was created with flower petals - simple and elegant. Rowena was accompanied by her mum, Julie, as she made her way to her love whilst “Mama’s Song”played. This is a moment I know Ro will cherish forever. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

A few tissues were handed around as they shared their vows. They were heartfelt and a true reflection of their relationship - I may have also needed a tissue..

Post pronouncement the bubbles were popped, glasses clinked and many congratulations to be had!

Thanks so much for having me, Rowena and Michael. Congrats! X

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